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5 Tips for Streamlining Daily AdWords Work

Published: May 6, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Sr. Production Services Manager Jen Stanisa, who has streamlined workflow across dozens of accounts ranging from eCommerce to B2B to edu. 
As most paid search advertisers know, you can easily become entrenched in the daily optimization efforts of your accounts, especially when working on multiple client accounts. By streamlining reports and their actionable outcomes while maintaining a high level of organization in your account structure, you can free up a good amount of time to focus your efforts on other areas of optimization that are integral to your overall account strategy.

Automated Rules for Bidding

Performing manual CPC bid adjustments for thousands of keywords can be a tedious task, especially when there are sets of specific criteria surrounding the poor-performing bleeders and the better-performing opportunity keywords.
Automated rules allow advertisers to specify which keywords should receive from a bid boost and which keywords should receive a reduced bid based on their performance within a specified time frame. This feature is also helpful for boosting exposure for keywords that fall below first-page bid estimate with the ever-changing auction landscape.
automated bid rules
One caveat with bid automation is that it should NOT be treated as a ‘set and forget it’ tool. The automated changes get logged in the UI and sent to your inbox based on the advertiser’s preference and should be frequently reviewed to ensure the changes do not negatively impact the overall account health.

Labels for Ad and Landing Page Testing

Depending on the aggressiveness and strategy behind your ad and landing page testing efforts, you may encounter issues with easily rolling up your testing data to determine a winner. Using labels at the ad level allow you to create dimensions for the creatives that allow for simple pivoting of the data. (This is especially helpful in comparing customized ad copy specific to the keyword vs. generic ad messaging.)
Aside from differentiating creatives in rotation, labels also allow you to mark when a test was implemented rather than having to consult the change history.
Here’s how they look in the UI:
labels in adwords

Use Saved Filters and Run Scheduled ‘Express Reports’               

Filters can be useful for ‘quick view’ reports that allow you to dive into a subset of data. By saving filters, you can ensure the data is pulled in a consistent manner each time the report is generated. Filters are available from the campaign down to keyword-level tabs.  A couple of useful filters look at disapproved ads (see below) that need to be resubmitted for review and low-volume search keywords that clutter campaigns with no added  benefit to the overall account.
ad disapproval filters
The express reports are also handy if you select the editable check box to allow for changes to be made upon bulk upload through the UI. By scheduling the reports for the filtered data, you can ensure they will hit your inbox at the frequency you specify, without having to login into the account.

Utilize Shared Negative Lists

Using shared negative lists in the UI’s shared library ensure that the negative keywords or placements contained in the lists are mirrored across the campaigns mapped to the shared lists. This reduces the amount of time spent QAing individual campaign-level negatives and the potential for error.
Take a look at some features of the Shared Library, including shared placement exclusions and negative keywords:
exclusions shared library

Dedupe Against Existing Negatives Prior to Review

When reviewing query or automatic placement reports to exclude based on irrelevancy or poor performance, you might be looking at a longer time frame than when you last added exclusions. Therefore it is helpful to run a vlookup against your existing exclusions before combing through several rows of queries and placements.
Additionally, setting parameters for truncating the data set will allow you to only look at the queries and placements that have had the most negative impact on your account.
What are your favorite time-saving tips? Any good ones to add? Leave a comment!
– Jen Stanisa, Sr. Production Services Manager

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