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5 Things to Know If You Are New To Facebook Advertising

Published: June 16, 2014

Author: Kristina McLane

There are several things that I take for granted when working with Facebook Ads.  At this point, I consider them basic facts of the Facebook world that anyone who has worked with Facebook learns pretty quickly.  If you’re a Facebook fledgling, these five tips are for you!

The Facebook learning curve is astronomical; and here are a few tips that I wish that had known when first starting.

Good Images Can Go a Long Way

Before we talk about Facebook customer service or the Power Editor, let’s talk about the actual ad! It is the part of Facebook where you actually have control. The more eye-catching image you have, the more clicks you get.  This is Advertising 101.

Think about what ads usually catch your attention when you browse through Facebook. It’s not the ad copy that brings your attention away from a friend’s photo; it’s usually another image that is more compelling.  Using this argument, it is better to keep the actual ad copy straightforward and simple and allow the image to do most of the work.

I think it’s helpful to remember the interface color of Facebook and remember basic CRO tips: complementary colors, simple call-to-actions, and images that draw the eye to where you want them to click.


Suggested Bids Are A Good Place To Start.

When you get to the part of the ad creation where you are asked what to bid, Facebook is going to give you a range for the suggested bid.  I recommend starting there, usually right in the middle. The suggested bid is calculated from how many other people are competing for the specific target audience that you have chosen. It can be changed later and is generally pretty accurate about the amount that will be needed to pay to reach your audience.

Use the Power Editor Whenever Possible 

I like the Power Editor, because it allows you to switch between campaigns and ads without losing any creative in the process. It also makes copying creative to other ad sets very easy by literally copy and pasting. It is just one thing that will make navigating Facebook simpler but also faster. At the moment, the Power Editor is only supported in Google Chrome. 

power editor

Facebook Help Is Hard To Find

If something goes wrong, help that comes directly from Facebook will be almost impossible to locate. While there is a phone number available on Facebook, there is usually a sales representative on the other end who will not know how to resolve your issue. Facebook advertising demands you be as resourceful as humanly possible. Luckily, someone somewhere has probably encountered the exact same issue.  This is where blogs (like this one!) and Facebook Ads Help/ Community Forum will become your very best friend!

Know Your Audiences, BUT Also Test Your Audience 

When choosing an audience, I think of all the different factors that create my ideal customer: age, gender, interests, careers, and everything else!  Once I have gathered everything that makes up my perfect customer, I test which part of that customer is actually going to work on Facebook.  When first starting, I generally use interests as my variable and have everything else as my control. By testing your audience, this allows you to narrow down what customer will be most receptive to your Facebook ads.

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