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5 (shaky) reasons for B2B Marketers to avoid Facebook

Published: December 13, 2013

Author: Dennis Yu

So you’re a B2B marketer, and maybe you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising can work for you. Maybe you haven’t checked in on the platform much lately and wonder and why stock prices have shot up over the last six months. Maybe you’ve heard that Facebook advertising absolutely doesn’t work for B2B. Well, let me tell when that statement might be true:
1) If you are listening to folks who have failed at generating leads — exposing their lack of knowledge.
2013-11-26 21_39_28-Fwd_ Why Facebook is a Bad Choice for B2B Brands - max.darby@blitzmetrics.com -
2) If you’re listening to the folks who have used Facebook to target the entire world, instead of using custom audiences, job titles, competitors, and micro-targeted audiences.
3) If you don’t have great content.
If you’re in B2B and don’t have marketing automation, your funnel is broken.


4) If you’re not a performance marketer.
Super Bowl and tradeshow advertising is more fun, anyway– especially if it’s not your money and you’re not accountable. We’re not saying other marketing channels are not effective– just not as measurable.
5) If your company is unwilling to become nimble and data-driven.
This is not about “big data” or the collection of data for boasting purposes. It’s about optimizing rapidly to goals. Remember 13 years ago when some “experts” were saying that PPC was no good for revenue generation? They didn’t know how to target or write effective ads, so they blamed the search engines.
The net-net of this ignorance is a good thing: less competition for the rest of who are generating leads and revenue on Facebook!

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