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5 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Ad Copy

Published: May 17, 2018

Author: Devon Lehmann

Those of us who have been in digital marketing for a while will remember a time in the not-so-distant past where it was possible to create separate mobile ad copy variations. Because of that separate ad type, we were always grappling with the best way to limit mobile ad copy text to avoid the dreaded ad text cut-off.
Fortunately, extended text ads emerged on the scene and our mobile ad copy worlds were forever changed. No longer were the powers that be cutting short our precious mobile ads – we were finally in a place where we could utilize all precious 80 characters of text, along with an extra headline.
So, you may be thinking to yourself, now that extended text ads are optimized for mobile, why don’t we just mimic our criteria on desktop? As simple as that might seem, there are still plenty of mobile ad copy optimizations you can make. Google has made it especially easy to implement mobile specific ad copy with the use of “IF” statements. You can now implement “IF” statement code into your ad variations so that different copy serves to users on different devices. The benefit of the “IF” statement is that, should you want to serve mobile specific ad copy, you don’t have to create an entirely separate ad variation. This will aggregate your data density within one ad format, allowing you to make more data-informed optimizations.
Aggregated below are 5 tips to make the most out of mobile ad copy:

Test On-The-Go Language.

It’s no secret that mobile traffic is on the rise. For example, in the clothing vertical in Q4 2017, mobile impression volume increased almost 50% year over year. What better way to more actively engage those users than with targeted mobile messaging? We know users are on the move, and we want to serve them with relevant language. Try testing language like “purchase from your phone” or “sign up on your phone” as a means to improve mobile conversion rate.

Launch a “Near Me” Campaign.

One of the great benefits of smartphones is the ability to browse locations close to you. Launch a campaign that targets “near me”-like keywords to serve relevant messaging to users looking for your brick-and-mortar. Try utilizing a customized ad feed to serve location-specific ad copy based on a user’s locations to improve relevancy or test language that highlights in-store value props like “avoid shipping costs” or “get the product today.” Get bonus points for enabling in-store visit tracking to provide an additional layer of value to your investment.

Test Mobile Best Practices….Again.

Just because ads are now optimized for mobile doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the old method of being short and sweet. Limit your ad text to 60 characters, and include a strong CTA up front so that the message you are trying to convey is absorbed quickly.

Apply All Available Ad Extensions.

This is particularly relevant for brand campaigns where you want to be in position 1, but make sure to apply all relevant ad extensions so you take up as much room on the mobile SERP as possible – and in turn push out competitor ads. Price extensions are often particularly valuable because they have a unique mobile-only scroll feature. Make sure you don’t forget about location extensions for those businesses with physical locations – they will provide an additional layer of value and interaction (which will coincide nicely if you also have in-store visit tracking set up).

Highlight On-Site Promotions.

Incorporate promotions into your ad copy to make your ads really stick out amongst the crowd and catch a user’s eye as they are quickly scrolling through their screen. Promotion extensions and ad customizers like countdown ads are great tools to really make your copy pop.
Better, more engaging mobile ad copy gets advertisers all kinds of benefits, from DR conversions to in-store visits to a pool of users ripe for retargeting. Put these tips into play now and watch your numbers improve.

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