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5 Great Ways to Use Website Custom Audiences

Published: August 13, 2014

Author: Ryan Pitylak

For our clients, we find that the most effective thing we can do with Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences feature is build better relationships with people who are likely to be good customers. Identifying these users is simple: We target based on certain behaviors that indicate an existing interest in our clients’ brands.
Try one of our five favorite Website Custom Audiences, and start building your own relationships with your next best customers:

Target Using a Newsletter

This audience is comprised of people who clicked to your site from an email newsletter, but didn’t go on to convert. This is a great time to show users an ad, so retargeting at this point is a very powerful way to drive an extremely high ROI. However, for most companies this audience is fairly small, so you will have to bid very high to get your ads in front of them. Use user behavior, like which products or specials caused someone to click from the newsletter, to inform what you show in the ads.

Target Your Entire Website Audience

Targeting your existing website visitors helps you stay in front of users who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand. It’s wise to set conservative bids for your entire website audience, but try experimenting with segmenting down further into your visitor pool to create highly targeted audiences that are specifically within your target market. This way, you can reach people that not only have an established relationship with your business, but also are more likely to buy your products.

Retarget Across Platforms

Unfortunately,the mobile experience for Ecommerce sites isn’t always great. It’s typically much easier for users to browse and purchase items on their desktops. By targeting people on their desktop who have visited your website on a mobile device, you can drive them to an experience that is more conducive to conversions. On the other hand, you can also show desktop visitors ads for your app on their mobile devices.

Target by Deep Funnel Behavior

Every company has different website pages that act as checkpoints indicating deep engagement with your brand. These are typically sign-up pages, shopping carts, and conversion success pages like confirmation and check-out pages. These visitors are more likely to engage with your brand again, so show them content that will help you build a deeper relationship and drive them to finishing a conversion event.

Target Search PPC Visitors

If you are currently running a search marketing campaign, it’s likely you’re already spending a large amount of money to bring people to your site. You can capitalize on your paid search efforts and get a lift on your campaigns by targeting the people who have clicked to your site from a search ad. Whether they have made a purchase or converted in another way, they have already demonstrated interest in your company.

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