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4 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Holiday Campaigns in December

Published: December 4, 2017

Author: Ryan Noonan

If you’re in eCommerce, you’re likely experiencing a huge surge of traffic right now. You’ve got a couple of weeks (at most) to capitalize on your traffic and end the year with a bang. Believe it or not, there’s still time to put new tactics into play that can boost your Q4 performance – and help your 2018 campaigns get off on the right foot.

Gift/Holiday-Specific Landing Page

Customers love looking at Black Friday landing pages, Cyber Monday landing pages, etc. Give yourself a leg up and create a Holiday landing page with the deals you are offering. Customers like seeing this and it shows that you’re aware of the holidays and have taken the effort to create deals. Make sure to include delivery deadlines so that people know when they need to order things to have them arrive before the 25th (or whatever holiday you’re targeting).
Pro tip: people aren’t shopping as much after Christmas, but they’re still looking for deals! Consider creating a post-Christmas clearance page (and ad campaign) to help users feel like they’re getting the best bargains of the season.

CRO Testing

I understand the risk of not wanting to test a bunch during the peak month. However, it is important to have at least SOME tests running to gain information that can help your business moving forward.  If you never test anything in December, you won’t learn anything. Don’t be afraid to test splitting users to different pages, but be prepared to make changes quickly if needed. For example, if you have a test where half of the users see a page with free shipping and another where users see a promo code for 15% off, if after a few days one is consistently winning out, pause that test and divert all traffic to the winner or start a new test! And make sure you keep that knowledge on file for your next promotion (like the post-Christmas clearance page we mentioned above).

Audience Lists

Going after the right customers can greatly help your efficiency.  A few audiences you should be targeting in your channels:

  • Users who made purchases in December 2016
  • Your top Customers
  • Customers who made a purchase recently
  • Customers who have lapsed

It can also help to tailor the ads to these audiences. Show the lapsed users an ad with a deal to entice them to return. For the users who purchased in December 2016, potentially show them an ad such as “Even bigger and better deals this year!” or something to that effect. You don’t want to get creepy with the messaging, but you can shape it to a certain extent.
Thanks for following this series! I hope it helps you rake in your best numbers yet.

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