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4 Ways Facebook Ads Can Enhance Your Sales Process

Published: August 20, 2014

Author: Franco Puetz

Anyone involved in sales knows that the landscape has always been a dynamic space, and advances in technology have made staying at the top of your game even more challenging.
We are participating in a time where making the sale oftentimes requires a digital strategy – fortunately, Facebook ads give sales teams of any size an opportunity to incorporate a digital strategy that can produce huge wins.
Retargeting is a great way to get interested prospects into your sales funnel, but this post is going to focus on how to treat your leads after you’ve acquired them (with the help of Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting).
I highly recommend that you collect not only your leads’ email addresses, but their phone numbers when they’re accessible. If you have their user IDs, even better.
Sometimes users don’t log into Facebook with the same email address they are using to do business with you. The more data points you have on your prospective customers, the higher your match rate will be once you build your target audience. 

Bonus (Valuable) Touch Points

If your potential customer feels like they are getting bombarded with emails, they will tune out quickly. No one wants to feel like they are getting spammed, and with most sales being made after 5-12 touch points, getting your messaging across may require some creativity.
Providing value for your prospects in your messaging should always be your number one priority, and Facebook offers plenty of ways to do this. You can offer relevant downloadable content to users, or maybe a relevant blog post your company just published.
It pays to think outside of the box (in this case, the inbox). Let Facebook ads handle some of your heavy lifting when it comes to staying top-of-mind with your prospects.

Persona Targeting

Marketing automation is an incredibly challenging thing to do right. Ultimately, the more relevant your messaging is to your prospects, the easier it will be for them to realize they need your product or service.
The days of blasting mass messages across your entire mailing lists are quickly getting replaced with persona creation and list segmentation. This should be no different with your Facebook ad strategy.
If you are in the B2B space, the way you talk to entrepreneurs could be vastly different than how you speak to mid-level managers of a company, and this is just one example. This variety needs to be reflected in your messaging for it to resonate well with your audience.
One way to collect this persona information is by asking the right questions on your lead forms, whether it be from that first connection with your lead or by building up their profile over time by asking progressive questions as they download more of your content.
You can always use offers to determine which personas are in your audience; for instance, offering an eBook on first-time business owners will give you reliable information on whoever downloads this eBook.

Exclusive Content

Offering exclusive content to your prospects is a great way to stay on their radar. Not only does that allow your business to take up some real estate in their busy minds, it allows them to associate your brand with value, which is a huge win for any salesperson.
Unresponsive leads are a salesperson’s nightmare. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s incredibly frustrating when you are unsure of whether or not your messages are actually being read.
Facebook ads give you the opportunity to weed out the ‘bad eggs’ and revive the ‘dead leads’. If you can’t get a response from an existing batch of prospects, offering them something they will find valuable, such as a relevant eBook, whitepaper, or even a small discount, can get you that response you’ve been looking for.
Make sure you slap an effective call-to-action on whatever you are offering to get them back on the road to close. Whether that’s a sign-up for more content or hopping on the phone to learn more about what you can offer them, getting them to take action here is key!

Client Retention

We all know that in many cases keeping existing customers happy with your company is just as, if not more, important than acquiring new ones. Facebook ads can also be very effective when it comes to client retention on an incredibly small budget.
One of the most immediate benefits is not allowing space for buyer’s remorse in your new clients. If they continue to see relevant messages that extend additional value and reinforce their purchase decisions all over Facebook, they will be content with their transaction.
This also gives you an option to create brand advocates and loyalists all over the web who will help you tap into their networks. Publishing new blog posts and sharing it on Facebook with your existing client base can be a great way to increase social shares on your content.
The best Facebook marketers know that creating an effective ad campaign isn’t about how much you can afford to spend on your bids, but instead how granular you can make your segments. This ultimately translates into how relevant your messages are to your audience.
As mentioned earlier in this post, if your message resonates well with your audience, making the sale is so much easier.
Do you have any experiences to share with how Facebook ads helped your sales funnel? Drop a comment!

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