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4 (more) ways to prep your Q4 marketing campaigns in July

Published: July 17, 2017

Author: Ryan Noonan

Last month, I kicked off a series for how retail companies need to prep for Q4 (click here for the first edition). As we get closer to Q4, make sure you check the boxes ASAP for the four initiatives below! (If you’re interested in a comprehensive look at Q4 prep, check out our recent 35min. webinar.)

Yup, that’s the holiday season on the horizon.

Dial in the GDN

Display ads will be very important come Q4 for both your remarketing and prospecting efforts.  Start gathering data now to see what targeting types and ads work best for your business. There are many different targeting types to test:

  • Remarketing
  • Similar Audience
  • Content Keyword Targeting
  • Audience Keyword Targeting
  • In-Market Audiences
  • Topic Targeting
  • Managed Placements
  • Affinity Audiences
  • Custom Affinity Audiences
  • Customer Match (GSP and YouTube)
  • Demographic Targeting

Separate your campaigns by targeting type and test several different ads and ad types with each method. Results will vary for each business, so knowing what works and what doesn’t for your business will help pave the way for smarter marketing decisions leading into Q4.

Do Your Forecasting

If you haven’t gotten around to forecasting for Q4, jump on this now!  Evaluate your previous yearly and monthly data. What products do well for certain times of the year? What marketing channels do well? What have your marketing spend dollars been each year and each month? How much are you growing, hopefully, year over year and month over month?  Use this data to make informed decisions about which months to spend, where to spend it, and what to promote more heavily. Prep your business for success!

Build Influencers

Building a base of influencers can really go a long way to helping you grow. The more influencers you can garner before Q4, the better, so this should be a focus now and at all times during the year. Figure out who the bloggers are who talk about the products or services that you offer. Look into who follows them and, if it looks appealing, test trying to have them promote your products.
Do the same for YouTube influencers. Who is reviewing or talking about your products and services, and how many people subscribe to them? How many views do they typically get?
Wouldn’t it be nice if a blogger posts a sale and review of your products, and you receive hundreds of orders? Look into it!

Remember Ad Testing

Ad testing can often take a back seat to other initiatives and tasks that happen on a weekly and monthly basis. It’s important that you perform frequent ad copy and creative testing to ensure that you’re refreshing ads on a regular basis as well as obtaining valuable learnings. This is also very important knowledge leading into the higher sale volume Q4 months. You may find that “Free Trial” works better than “Demo”, “Free Shipping” works better than “% off your order”, or certain headlines and descriptions drive more clicks. Test and learn!
Stay tuned for next month’s installment of Q4 retail prep. Put these into play now, and get a jump on the field.

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