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4 Options for Creating Videos on a Tiny Budget

Published: July 11, 2018

Author: Sophia Chen

Want to advertise on video, but don’t have a large budget? No problem. Quality, converting video creative does not need to be expensive. Here are some video-making hacks you can use to create/edit videos for free/low cost.

Use Video Templates (Low Cost)

Video template sites like Shakr or Magistro allow you to leverage existing photos and videos to create polished-looking videos. You can choose from a large inventory of video templates and simply upload your media into the template, similar to making a slideshow. These sites typically have video templates for different tones, business purposes, devices, and publishers that you can filter through. With templates, you can skip the time- and cost-intensive process of filming and editing and continue to make different videos with the same existing images and clips that feel fresh and new. Subscriptions can start as low as $4.99/month.
Pro tip: Know what kind of feel you are looking to have in your video, and know what existing media you have to work with before starting. Otherwise, looking through all those templates will drive you nuts!
Here is an example of a great template from Shakr, where you only need 7 images to make a quality, usable video:

YouTube Audio Library Music (Free!)

YouTube has a huge library of free music you can leverage to create any type of video. Filter by mood to find the track that fits your video best. All you have to do is credit the artist in your video.

Instagram Stories to Edit (Free!)

Need to overlay text on an image? Need to add a filter? You can use the editing tool in Instagram Stories from your own phone to add text, filters, stickers, etc. All you have to do is:

  1. Go into Instagram Stories
  2. Pick which photo/video you want to edit
  3. Add the text/filter/sticker/etc., you want to the creative
  4. Tap the download button the save the updated creative

This is especially ideal if you are advertising on Instagram Stories since the video/image will have an organic feel to it.

YouTube Director Onsite (Free!)

Looking to make original content?If you spend $350 on advertising on YouTube, they’ll make a free video for you! A YouTube-approved production team will be onsite to discuss your business goals, the video script, format, and feel. The filmmaker will then shoot the video and send over the final versions within a week. You can ask that they cut the video to different lengths to suit the different YouTube formats. The videos are for you to keep and utilize however you wish from then on. This is currently a underutilized resource, so check it out now!

If you’re not on video yet, it’s well past time to get started; brands from eCommerce to B2B have found success in engaging users at all stages of the funnel. Use one or more of these methods to dip a toe without wrecking your budget.

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