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4 huge benefits to Google's single-pixel solution

Published: August 2, 2012

Author: Bob Sturges

Last week, Google announced an exciting addition to its current remarketing product: a single-pixel solution. Within PPC Associates, this has been a highly anticipated offering for some time now. Whether you’re an in-house web developer or a search marketing manager, it’s going to make your life easier.
1. Simplicity. From the web developer perspective, you can now add the single pixel to your global footer. Gone are the days where your account manager has a sudden remarketing-related inspiration and asks for a one-off pixel installation (a process to be repeated, inconveniently, as often as your AM experiences a new revelation). Tag management is also less complicated now; rather than having different pieces of remarketing code on each page in your funnel in addition to Google’s analytics code and conversion tracking code, you can now manage a single tag from the site’s footer.
If you want to get really simplified, you can even ditch the remarketing code altogether and rely on the analytics pixel to generate your remarketing lists. Using this method, you’ve reduced down to just analytics tags, which are almost certainly already placed site-wide, and a conversion pixel on your thank-you page. You have now reduced Google-related code by 1/3!
2. Quick action. What Google hasn’t greatly emphasized with this new feature is that you will be able to immediately take action based on insights gleaned from Analytics. Managers will be able to identify where in the funnel people are dropping out and, within the same interface, segment those users into a new remarketing audience to target. Or, let’s say you have a certain page users are spending significant amounts of time on but then bouncing from. Solution: create a landing page that has a specific action they can take (e.g. filling out a lead gen form), and segment those page visitors into a remarketing list.
3. Infinite flexibility. With regards to account managers, to state the obvious, there is now nearly infinite flexibility in remarketing. For those of us with clients that have long and pre-scheduled development cycles, your remarketing strategy for the next six months no longer needs to be planned down to the finest detail the second you take on an account. Remarketing strategy can now be dynamic and fluid, and increased granularity no longer needs to be reserved for the largest accounts where you see bigger impacts. See an opportunity to test remarketing to users at different points of the sales funnel? Rather than working with the client to get new pixels implemented, you can just define a new segment and get to testing immediately.

AdWords pixel
Once set up, implement a new remarketing list in seconds.

4. Highly focused user segmenting on ALL accounts. With significantly fewer barriers to testing, it is also now it is feasible to set up highly focused user segments even on smaller accounts where some remarketing lists will not grow much farther than Google’s minimum audience requirement. Where previously more granular remarketing strategies were generally limited to larger accounts where the payoff was far greater (and therefore the time to implement could be prioritized accordingly), the simplicity of the new system will open up such strategies to all clients.
Between remarketing for search ads and this new dynamic pixel solution, Google has clearly made a push to limit the barriers to entry on remarketing. The single pixel has obvious implications in enhancing remarketing for search ads, where the possibilities of both inclusion and exclusion are nearly endless. The simultaneous release of these two features means that all account managers should work with their clients on immediately implementing the new pixel sitewide.

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