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4 Examples of Thinking Outside the Box with Content Marketing

Published: January 9, 2015

Author: Robert Cordray

Creative content marketing techniques are one of the most effective ways for companies to raise awareness and expand their target audience in an effort to increase sales revenue. The competition is fierce, and most online marketing experts start their campaigns by saturating the most relevant social media networking sites.
For the purpose of data analysis, it is necessary for a marketing platform to have access to tangible results from a particular advertising attempt. The standard operating procedure of utilizing social networking fulfills the requirement of measuring data points and may successfully gather a following, but most of those attempts pale in comparison to these expert content marketing strategies. The common thread: creativity and a knowledge of what appealed to each brand’s audience (information, entertainment, transparency, and utility).

Wistia’s Learning Center Videos

With so many different video software packages available online, everyone is able to create mediocre videos for business, entertainment, and academic purposes. Wistia leveraged the popularity of the video boom by providing information for consumers and online marketers. The dual target audience was a wild success for Wistia and the end users. The company provided detailed information for developing strategic marketing videos that kept viewers interested and moved them to action. In their effort to help others increase their sales, Wistia succeeded in surpassing their own goals to corner a share of the market.

Evans Halshaw’s James Bond Infographic

Car retailers rarely make the list of innovative thinkers, but this giant retailer from the UK employed some unusual techniques to draw attention to their business. The most notable was the James Bond Infographic in which they depicted a reenactment of the 2012 blockbuster film Skyfall. The tactic was successful because it appealed to a wide range of viewers and planted a seed of subliminal advertising to all audience members. Sales increased long after the initial airing, and potential customers are still buzzing about the unique infographic. The skit also produced such widespread conversation that servers were consistently inundated with traffic for several weeks after the first viewing.

Airbnb’s Infomercials

Businesses who offer a very specific service in a limited genre often have to be very creative in their marketing campaigns. Airbnb screens travelers and helps them find affordable temporary housing with individuals in other locations. Whether travelers are visiting from an adjoining state or another continent, they can enjoy comfortable and convenient lodging options. Relatively well-known in the hostel circuit, Airbnb did not reach mainstream success until after they released a marketing video that answered questions about the business and put potential customers at ease. Enlisting real members to submit home videos of their own experiences as well as the rooms or homes they have available for rent, the advertising campaign significantly raised awareness and increased rentals. The success largely stemmed from the genuinely transparent video content.

Charmin’s Sit Or Squat App

Creating conversation around a product or service is the oldest form of effective advertising. Charmin combined the traditional gimmick with modern technology and created a smartphone application that was quickly downloaded by over 100,000 curious users. Proctor and Gamble had an instant hit with this content marketing campaign because it engaged consumers and established a partnership among users. The app was designed to inform travelers about the location of the nearest public restrooms. This information alone was useful and download-worthy, but Charmin had more to offer. Users could rate the general condition of the restrooms based on cleanliness and other factors. High ratings described restrooms that were ‘sit friendly’, while a red stamp indicated that a particular restroom should only be used in cases of emergency. Mothers traveling with children and people traveling alone were able to access reliable information from other users. This campaign reinforced the image of Charmin as a people-friendly brand.

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