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4 AdWords Editor Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Published: September 6, 2016

Author: Jack DeGesero

AdWords Editor is the ultimate tool in streaming your work by making bulk uploads and changes to your accounts much easier. We all use it (right?), but there are still a bunch of under-utilized shortcuts that can add hours back into your day.
Here are four of my favorites:

1.    Paste into specified ad groups

This simple method has saved me countless hours. As an example, you have numerous text ads in one ad group, and you want to those ads to appear to a new set of ad groups. If you had the copy right there, it would be a simple upload and editing of the final URLs.
But this is where the trick comes in, if you don’t have the copy on hand or if the final URLs are complex, you can quickly paste the ads to multiple ad groups by following these steps:

  1. Go into the ad group and highlight all the text ads that you and copy
  2. Go to the ad group tab and select the ad groups you want to paste the search ads in
  3. Right-click the highlighted ad groups and hit “Paste into” (See image)image001
  4. Switch back over to the ads tab and see all the new ads pasted in.


2.    New: Use Multi-Select

One of the best features is the Multi-Select. Let’s say your account has eight campaigns, and you want to edit Ad Groups bids in three of them. With this feature, all you do is press Control + Command those 3 campaigns on the tree, then click to your Ad Groups. This a new feature, added in the most recent version of AWE.

3.    Replace Text

Another powerful AdWords Editor function is Replace Text, which can save you a lot time making bulk changes to ads. So let’s say you have 60 ads that you need to update from saying “$100 off” to saying “Save 50%”. The first step is to search for all ads with the text “100 off.” Then, highlight all those ads and click Replace Text. Replace “$100 off” with “Save 50%”.
Note: you might not want to overwrite your ads and lose their data, so make sure to check Make Changes in Duplicate Items. This will create new duplicates of all the ads with the new offer.
Lastly, pause out your old $100 off ads, and you have newly updated ads!

4.    Append Text

Append Text is a feature you can find neighboring Replace Text. This feature lets you add text before or after any part of a keyword, ad group, and even an ad. For example, if you’re building out longer-tail keywords, you could select several keywords and append a token onto each of them.
But here is a more advanced tip you can do with Append Text. Let’s say you have 20 single keyword ad groups, and you to want to expand to have broad match modified variants as well. The manual method of copying the keywords ad group by ad group, then adding the “+”s, would be make for a quick task.
Rather, highlight all keywords and click Append Text. Next, Append the + symbol in front and check Make Changes in Duplicate Items. Then, we need to another + before the second word, so click Replace text and replace the space with “ +”. Lastly, change the criterion type to broad match. Now look at that! We just created hundreds of new keywords very easily.
Adwords Editor is so versatile in the ways you can streamline and speed up your workflow. If you have any of your own favorite tricks, please leave a comment!

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