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3Q’S 2018 Predictions: Display Advertising

Published: December 19, 2017

Author: Kelly Whelan

As we head full-steam into 2018, our experts look ahead to the next 12 months and dish up some well-informed predictions on industry trends and shifts. Today’s predictions come from our display team experts, starting with…

“Programmatic buying will make bigger inroads into the “living room” (TV). Buyers will expect the precision targeting they’ve become accustomed to online, and DSPs will work to tie user data to all their devices.”

Sara Pfitzinger, Director of Display Advertising



“Ads.txt will become the norm as advertisers demand insights on paid media. DSPs will be forced to provide more transparency into how they are managing the ad fraud issue, and there will be levers in place to exclude non-verified inventory.”

Jamie Gungler, Ad Operations Manager


“Less block-able advertising formats like native (particularly programmatic native) will play a larger role in display strategies.”

Luis Valles, Display Account Manager


“OATH will become a larger player in the display landscape. Earlier this year, Verizon purchased and merged the following brands: Oath, Yahoo! and AOL. Since Oath is powered by Verizon, and now encompass different brands, they will become a larger player and more of a one-stop shop for advertisers wanting to access and utilize the capabilities of many brands in one place.”

Michaela Ferowich, Display Account Manager


“Measurement tools will continue to improve for marketers who are advertising across multiple platforms and media.”

“The FEC (or Congress) will require political ad spend to be reported with the same level of transparency as television. This means Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others will need to report spend for every political ad that appears on their platforms. “

Max Koenig, Display Account Manager


“We’ll see more augmented reality experiences that will combine digital and OOH (Out of Home).”

“We’ll also see more Big Data/Publisher acquisitions”

Alexandre Jouan, Display Account Manager


“The pending elimination of Net Neutrality in the US will impact the internet as we know it by creating fast and slow lanes of the internet. This could mean that consumers will have to pay more to access certain websites and that certain websites will have to pay ISPs more for consumers to access their website. I hope this prediction doesn’t come true…”

Hakim Zehawi, Display Account Manager


.We’ve asked digital marketing experts from across 3Q to share their predictions. To read more, click here!


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