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3Q teams with Breakthrough SF, GRIP Outreach for Thanksgiving smiles

Published: November 26, 2014

Author: Hillary Read

Most folks in the digital marketing world know about the need for the newest and fastest computers…which means most of the people reading this have also given up on useful laptops when newer models became available. But a few inspiring folks showed us just how valuable those laptops can be in the right hands — and gave us plenty of reason to smile on the eve of the holiday season.
Start with some industrious students from BreakthroughSF, a community involvement initiative of the San Francisco Day School that helps kids get into – and thrive in – college. Many BreakthroughSF kids are hoping to become the first in their families to go to college. In their words:

Thank you for the lovely laptop that I have always wanted. Now, I can get my work done more efficiently. I haven’t had my own computer and have had to borrow my Grandma’s or a neighbor’s for the last few years. With this laptop, I will be able to do my homework over the weekend and check my email. I have always wanted my own computer but have never had one. That has changed today. I will put it to good use. – Jaheim

jaheim 3q

Thank you so much for the laptop. It will really help me with the high school application process. I will also use it to help me be more organized and help me keep up with the homework that is online. When I get to high school, I will use it in my classes and to help me do work in high school. Thank you so much. – Elijah
elijah 3q

Thank you so much for giving me a laptop. My school just started a “bring your own device” policy so I plan on using this laptop for school projects. I will also use this laptop to search for topics and words I come across that I do not know. Once again, thank you so very much. – Isaiah
isaiah 3q

Thank you for giving me a laptop. I don’t have one at home right now, but I will use this one to read online, do homework, and do other educational things. – Nico
nico 3q

I am currently 13 and attend Roosevelt Middle School, where I am an 8th grader. I attend a summer school/after-school program called Breakthrough San Francisco. Breakthrough leads us to a path to college. I will use my newly donated laptop for my homework, subjects relating to school, and also some of my free time. My family has a very old desktop computer that doesn’t work very well or connect to the internet easily. With this new computer, I can get my homework done faster and will use it to work on high school applications. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness toward building youth’s educational paths. Thank you very much! – Emily


Our Chicago office churns through its share of laptops, too, and we partnered with GRIP Outreach for Youth to find good homes for them. Check out this awesome story, shared by GRIP Development & Events guru Thaddeus Nichols:

Christian Warren is a graduate of our program and has a passion to be a restaurateur.  He’s done internships with a few world-class restaurants in Chicago and is eager to attend Michigan St. University, which has a great culinary program.  While researching acceptance (he currently is in community college), he saw that they recommend the Disney College Program for their students.  It’s a one-year program serving at one of the Disney properties and comes with 12 credit hours.  Christian did all this research from one of the computers 3Q donated, he applied for the program on it, and he even had a Skype interview on it!  We found out last week that Christian was accepted to the program. He’ll be taking the 3Q laptop with him to use for studying and keeping in touch while working at Disney World in Orlando.


Nothing like warm fuzzies to get you into the holiday spirit, right? We’d like to thank Jaheim, Elijah, Isaiah, Nico, Emily, Christian, and the good folks of Breakthrough SF and GRIP Outreach for sharing their stories and sending us into the holiday season with big smiles.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone…

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