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The 3Q Experience: My First Few Weeks in the Chicago Office

Published: August 4, 2017

Author: Scott Thomas

“What are you doing for the summer?”

The pointed question asked by every relative you know, truly asking if you have a job that’s relevant to something you’re learning about. This year I confidently told them yes, I have an internship in the field that I’m are interested in: digital marketing. I am congratulated, then immediately barraged by a wave of questions.
What will I be doing? What do I wear? Who’s my manager? What time do I come in? Will I be fetching coffee all day? What should I bring? How do I get there? What do I do when I get there? Will I like my coworkers? Will they like me?
When I accepted an internship at 3Q Digital, many of these questions ran through my head. Transitioning into a new workplace was going to alter my life —maybe in awkward and nerve-racking ways. These small qualms were easily subdued on my first day.
Immediately when I started my first day of work at 3Q Digital, I had a full day scheduled for me. I had meetings with my new team, tech orientations, lunch with coworkers, and training for new programs. 3Q was a place for me to learn about how a digital marketing company operates first-hand.

My preconceived thoughts about how the office would look and operate were blown out of the water. The actual office is an open floor design that has people working in long desks next to each other. The sun-filled office is conducive to conversation and collaboration between all levels of positions and across different departments. You might bump into another intern while eating free Thursday lunch or a VP while waiting for the coffee machine. There are plenty of events where you can get to know employees you work with, whether it be game night, happy hour, or a backyard luau at someone’s house. These many events turn coworkers into friends and people that care about what happens outside of work.

During my first week, it became apparent that I needed to carry a pen and paper everywhere I went. No matter how many books I read, classes I’ve taken, or professors I’ve talked to, there is always more to learn about digital marketing. 3Q has a culture of constant learning and adaptation to new programs, algorithms, and platforms that come into circulation. To effectively learn and retain all the information I was being presented, I constantly took notes. This allowed me to look back at them if I needed help, without bothering someone that already showed me how to do it the first.
Taking good notes helped me tremendously, but I was never afraid to ask a question if I had one. My questions often spark conversations, which leads to better understanding for both people. 3Q supports conversation, educating one another, and helping everyone get a holistic view of the process. Employees are not doing mindless tasks to complete a project; people are looking at the whole project and seeing how their work affects the entirety. This is important to realize when asking questions. Developing questions that are deeper will yield an answer that gives more explanation about how and why you are doing something. In the end, you will be better suited for the tasks at hand and be a more well-rounded person.
After my fifth week in as a Display Marketing Intern, I am still learning something new every day. I receive weekly internal emails that outline the blogs written that week, the webinars available in the future, white papers, and case studies all made by people within the company. These are invaluable resources that allow me to expand my knowledge of digital marketing beyond my specific field. I would advise every intern and employee to capitalize on this information within a company. You might find interesting article or subject that you can learn about first-hand from an employee.
I value the experience and ability to learn new things above almost all else. Growing as an individual in your position is rewarding in itself, but it also helps you progress in your career. I have been lucky enough to earn an internship at 3Q Digital, where they value learning, holistic approaches, and teaching one another about their findings. They have given me endless opportunities to improve myself, which helps everyone. Finding a place like 3Q Digital, which values the employee’s success, will lead to a happy day’s work.

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