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3Q and Storygize: Taking A Calculated Approach To Native Advertising Success

Published: July 18, 2019

Author: Nick Tollison

The way brands leverage native advertising to reach users has evolved – and improved – in recent years. Newer programmatic native platforms are uniquely positioning themselves with robust targeting tactics and competitive pricing models, advancements that have allowed us to effectively expand our clients’ reach and help them discover customers they hadn’t previously been able to find using direct response channels.

Of these newer programmatic native platforms, Storygize is a partner we’ve worked very closely with to drive great results for both B2C and B2B clients. Storygize is a DSP that has built their technology from the ground up specifically for native advertising, which allows advertisers to take advantage of some unique benefits. For example:

  • Optimizing campaign performance to content engagement, meaning users actually spending time consuming content on landing pages (15+ seconds). This allows clients to efficiently discover the highest-intent potential customers with paid content.
  • Contextual targeting down to the page level: many native advertising platforms categorize publisher sites under a single topic (News or Technology or Finance, etc.) but Storygize takes their tech a step further to categorize down to individual pages. This means if a campaign is contextually targeting users engaged with technology content, it’s reaching all pages talking about technology vs. just publishers categorized as “Technology” sites at the domain level.  
  • dCPM pricing, which enables algorithms to dynamically adjust site bids based on how valuable a user is at any given time, based on the publisher, page-level content, campaign objective, etc.

In addition to powerful technology, the right measurement / attribution strategy is key to allow native advertising to scale efficiently. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter attribution setup, and each should be configured differently depending on the client, ad network and campaign objective. For a recent B2C client campaign launch, we worked closely with Storygize to develop an attribution strategy that allowed us to front-load the network’s algorithm with enough click + view conversion data in order to optimize effectively long-term. We launched against a 30-day attribution window and, over the course of 6-8 weeks – after collecting a statistically-significant amount of data – reduced the windows down to 3-day (prospecting) and 1-day (retargeting) in order to more closely align with reporting from other media channels. The following months produced consistently steady, below-target CPAs and continually increasing engagement rates as the network’s algorithms continued to learn and optimize.

With the right strategy in place, sophisticated native advertising platforms like Storygize can help brands effectively and efficiently augment direct response programs. With engaging content and the right approach to attribution and measurement, any brand can use native to introduce new customers to their products and solutions, and maximize the impact content marketing has on the bottom line.

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