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3 Ways To Optimize Your FBX Campaigns Today

Published: February 27, 2013

Author: Franco Puetz

The Facebook Exchange (FBX) has been live for almost a full year now, and to put it simply, I’m shocked that more advertisers aren’t jumping at the chance to take advantage of this product and generate some serious ROI from Facebook’s user base.
Listed below, I’ve put together a few of the ways you should optimize your FBX campaigns to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Build Too Many Lists

I recommend you opt on the side of building too many retargeting lists as opposed to not enough. With more lists comes more room for specificity in your targeting and more people to target with your ads.
This practice allows you to be extremely direct in your creative. For instance, say you are operating an e-commerce website that sells various articles of clothing – sure, you can retarget your ads to users who looked at shirts, but it would be much more impactful to be able to target users based on the color of the shirt they were looking at.
This is the difference of “Check out our wide array of shirts today!” compared to, “You look great in blue, let’s find you something that fits.” The latter has much greater potential to generate a sale.

Use Image Continuity

If you really want to catch a user’s attention on Facebook, take advantage of the fact that they’ve already visited one of your web properties.
Here’s a clip from one of our landing pages:
landing page image
Here is an ad that we send to users who have seen this landing page:
ad on fbx
Do you notice any similarities?  😉
Of course, looking at the two side-by-side makes it pretty obvious, but this will undoubtedly generate a greater recall from users as opposed to a brand-new image, or your brand logo – with which they may not be familiar with just yet.
Those of us who have been in the Facebook ad game long enough understand the importance of a powerful image, and I feel like this method speaks for itself.
If you haven’t tested this out yet, please do, and enjoy the nice boost in your CTR.

Eliminate Unnecessary Pages

If you have a ‘Careers’ page on your website, remove that from your retargeting immediately.  (Unless you are in the business of recruiting new hires on Facebook, in which case, carry on…)
There are a number of pages on our websites that will be viewed by users who are not interested in purchasing your product or service just yet, and that’s fine. We just need to make sure we remove these pages from our retargeting campaigns so we aren’t spending money to put our ads in front of users who aren’t interested.
This probably goes without saying, but just so we are all on the same page here – if users have ‘converted’, stop targeting them with ads for that product. If you are paying to get your ads in front of users who have already purchased whatever it is you are selling, you are running the risk of not only increasing your ad spend carelessly, but alienating your customers by annoying them with your no longer relevant ads.
Hopefully these tips have given you a few new ideas to test out yourselves. I’d love to hear your own innovative FBX strategies.
– Franco Puetz

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