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3 Ways to Leverage YouTube for Your Small Business

Published: January 20, 2016

Author: Odi Santos

Everyone knows that YouTube is the place where music videos, prank videos, and funny cat videos all live in perfect harmony. The Google-owned video platform has continually risen to the top within the past decade of its existence, and now boasts one of the largest search engines on the web, second only to Google’s own famed search engine.
Now, if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re interested in how your business could benefit from the ever-growing success of the YouTube machine. (Although, you may be wondering where your place would be amongst the likes of professional “YouTubers” such as daily vloggers and professional video gamers.)
Luckily for you, one key differentiator between you and professional YouTubers is that you aren’t relying on YouTube directly to make the majority of your income. Many of the top YouTubers rely on ad revenue from Google’s AdSense program to make a (sometimes very comfortable) living. Since you’re running a business and most likely offer products and/or services, you don’t need to worry too much about getting millions of views. (Although it certainly wouldn’t hurt your business either!)
With that being said, YouTube should serve as more of a complement to your business, by either raising brand awareness of your products or services, or simply establishing credibility in your respective market or industry.
The true beauty of YouTube lies in its versatility and ability to scale. Much like your business’ website, YouTube can act as a salesman that works around the clock 24/7 to sell your products or services. At all hours of the day, potential customers can stumble upon your video and learn about your business, which may ultimately result in sales or new clients.
The ever-reaching scale of the internet is a beautiful thing for small business, and YouTube can serve as yet another essential tool to help Small Businesses compete with the rest of the world.
So here’s 3 ways how YOU can leverage YouTube for your Small Business:

1.    Create Product/Service Description Videos


  • This may seem the most obvious, but it’s astounding how many businesses aren’t utilizing video at all in their marketing. With YouTube, you can demonstrate a physical product in detail or explain the process behind one of your offered services. If we consider the analogy of your website as a salesman who works 24/7, each YouTube video serves as the pitch for each specific product or service. The best part about it is that once you make a video, it becomes completely automated.
  • After making a video, make sure to embed it into your actual website to help boost conversions and make the overall information easier to digest. (Who reads through 20 bullet points these days?)

2.    Don’t Know How to Make Videos? No Problem!


  • Now, after reading that first part, you may be saying, “But what if I don’t know how to make spiffy videos?”
  • Well, I have two answers for you: 1. Something is always better than nothing; 2. If you’re willing to invest a little, it’s surprising just how inexpensive it can be to hire someone to create high-quality explainer videos for your business.
  • One more time: “Something is always better than nothing”. Countless times I’ve witnessed relatively low-quality videos resulting in dozens, if not hundreds, of comments inquiring about the user’s offered services and/or website. I’m talking about videos recorded with a cellphone and no script or professional voiceover whatsoever. The key takeaway here is to just get yourself out there; who knows who will stumble upon your video?
  • If you’d rather outsource your video, you’re in luck! Websites like Fiverr.com offer pretty much every creative service you could imagine for an unbelievable starting price of just 5 bucks. Here are some relevant services for your desired videos:
    1. Custom Video Intros – This is just a 10-second animation that features your logo and website, adding a professional air to your video.
    2. Professional Voiceovers – You can write your sales script and have a radio-quality voice add the emotion and polish to really pitch your products or services.
  • Full Explainer Videos – This is the big one. Various people on Fiverr offer a service called “explainer videos” that creates a 60-second animated or live-action ad explaining your product or service. This can take most of the headache and hassle out of video creation, but it does come at a cost. Don’t expect to get an explainer video done completely for less than about $60-120 (depending on how many components you already have, e.g. Voiceover, Script, etc.).

3.    Use Google AdWords for Video to Get the Views that YOU Deserve


  • Now all of this so far sounds well and good, but there’s one key issue that 99% of first-time YouTubers WILL experience, and that’s simply just getting views. Because let’s face it, if nobody is watching your videos, no matter how high-quality they are, then you aren’t going to be making any sales.
  • Trust me, I’ve been there. Before my humble YouTube channel ever reached its first 1 million views, there was a time where I struggled just to break a measly 100 views. It seemed as though the only way to break 100 was to watch my own video again and again. Whew, pathetic.
  • But then one year, everything changed. I kept seeing Google’s ads suggesting that I promote my videos through AdWords, and after trying literally everything with little success, I decided to bite the bullet and try to invest in some promotion.
  • At first, nothing happened. I was spending a little money and seeing a slight increase in views, but nothing really life-changing. So I kept experimenting and experimenting with setting up AdWords campaigns and adjusting video titles, descriptions, and tags, until I finally discovered a winning formula.
  • To put things into perspective, it took 5 long years for my channel to reach the 1 million view mark (that’s a LOT of trial-and-error). After discovering the winning formula, my channel has exploded from 1 million to over 4.5+ million views in less than a couple years.
  • Key Takeaway: If nothing seems to be working for you yet, and you’re struggling to get views, try experimenting with Google AdWords for Video to increase views and exposure.

That wraps up my 3 solid ways on how to leverage YouTube for your small business. I hope you found this information insightful and I wish you the best on your future success!
P.S. If you REALLY want to supercharge your business’ growth using the power of YouTube video marketing, 3Q Digital is now offering a full Video marketing service to small business clients. Whether you’re trying to get a product or service off the ground, or looking to scale an already successful business even further, 3Q Digital has all the “winning formulas” to make sure you receive the highest ROI without a penny wasted. No Headaches, no hassle – just growth.
Leave a comment below with your biggest struggle with video marketing, and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

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