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3 Ways to Boost Display Conversions using Email Lists

Published: July 21, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

Most demand marketers today care about two key goals: how to generate more top-of-funnel leads, and how to achieve a faster nurture cycle so they can accelerate their pipeline. Lead nurture programs today are primarily email-based. However, new demand generation tactics now make it possible for marketers to use email lists in several ways beyond simply sending out emails.
From email retargeting to newer predictive-model driven retargeting technologies, marketers can now expand their existing nurture programs into display and leverage their house email lists for both top-of-funnel and mid-funnel optimization.
Here are 3 specific ways that we at Kwanzoo have found to be successful for our clients, for improving the nurture cycle and boosting display conversions email lists to maximize the full potential of their email database.

Extend nurture with email retargeting

Email retargeting is a relatively recent tactic that allows you to serve display ads across the web, to members of your email list. Serve display ads to prospects who open your emails with online email retargeting to extend your nurture programs.
How does it work?
Prospects who open your emails are tagged with a simple cookie, from a pixel code placed inside your email. These prospects are then served your display ads as they browse the web.
Best practices: To boost engagement and effectiveness, serve ads to these prospects who complement or match your existing nurture programs.
The bottom line: Extending your nurture programs across the web with online email retargeting helps to accelerate your pipeline and generate more sales-qualified leads.

Boost top-of-funnel leads with email retargeting of inactive lists

Offline email retargeting can also be used to reach your inactive list segments, helping you to re-engage prospects who have expressed interest in the past.
How does it work?
An email list (provided by you) is matched to offline cookies. The list match rate determines your number of available prospects, and these prospects are then served display ads throughout the day as they browse the web.
Best Practices: Market to these prospects as you would net new leads coming into your system, using the same offers used in your top-of-funnel campaigns. Capture digital body language back into your marketing automation (MAP) or CRM to record engagements or form fills.
The bottom line: Re-engaging prospects is crucial to maintaining a large database of active prospects who can then be nurtured into fully sales-ready leads.

Apply insights from email list conversions using predictive tactics

Predictive modeling is a relatively new tactic in the display space, but one that we think is particularly promising for top-of-funnel lead capture based on existing prospect behavior. This strategy involves generating a list of net new prospects based on the past behavior and conversions of your in-house email lists.
How does it work?

1. We analyze the email database of the customer to determine the “Account DNA” of those accounts that are converting the fastest for them (from initial inquiry to closed/won deal) and additionally meeting or exceeding their customer lifetime value (LTV) goals.

2. Go beyond our customer’s in-house email database and extrapolate these “successful” customers out into their total available market (TAM). Find all the signals across their CRM and marketing automation (MAP), or other lead management system, that can help model out their ideal lists of target accounts and contacts.

3. Set up and serve email retargeted ads to these new lists (generated from predictive modeling) for display-based top-of-funnel demand gen, as well as mid-funnel lead nurture programs.

Best Practices: Serve offers for both display-based top-of-funnel demand gen, as well as mid-funnel lead nurture programs. Additionally, use insights from predictive analysis of your in-house lists to re-prioritize the leads in their current, active pipeline, pushing the leads most likely to convert to sales for further action.
The bottom line:  Expand insights from your MAP/CRM email lists out into a broader audience for more top-of-funnel lead conversions and better targeted campaigns, bringing down CPL.  Re-prioritize your active pipeline to identify and convert your most promising leads.
So have you tried any of these tactics to get more value from your email lists? Where do you believe the industry is going, especially around the use of predictive techniques for demand generation? We’d welcome your questions, comments and feedback below.

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