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3 Things to Watch For When Your Facebook Ads Start To Decline

Published: May 6, 2016

Author: Molly McCarty

You might have a new Facebook ad that gets out of the gate fast. Great! But it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it enterprise. That ad, left alone for a while, may start to show diminishing returns. If that happens, there are three trends you’ll want to watch out for. Let’s break them down.
Negative Engagement: Negative feedback is when people who see your ad are saying they don’t want to see it; they are unliking your page, hiding all of your posts, or reporting your posts as spam. If your ad has medium to high negative engagement, Facebook starts to not show your ad as much and your cost will start to increase. When you see negative feedback on your ads, it’s a good idea to refresh them. Note: if you don’t have time or resources to whip up new creative, this can be done by simply duplicating your ad and pausing the ones with negative feedback.
Increasing Frequency: Frequency is defined as “the average number of times your ad was shown to each person.” As frequency increases, you may notice your CTR decrease and your CPC increase. If you find your frequency getting high and your costs are increasing, you have a few options to combat this. You can try switching up your creative, or try introducing new audiences that may be more relevant. Another thing you can do is regularly get updated lists of people who have already converted, and start excluding them from your target audience.
Stale Creative: It’s always good to change up your creative and copy. It’s important that within your copy, you have a clear Call to Action. As for your creative, this is the first thing that pops out for users. Have an engaging, colorful image that captures attention when users are scrolling through their News Feed.

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