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3 Steps for New Landing Page PPC Migration

Published: September 9, 2015

Author: Nick Ortiz

If your company or client is in the process of migrating traffic to a new landing page offering the same product or service, here are a couple of tips to ensure that the transition is smooth and your performance doesn’t skip a beat.

1) First of all – we need to say it – you need to run some small A/B tests involving the different landing pages you are considering, including the original.  Doesn’t it make sense to use the most effective landing page that’s backed by data, rather than go off of your own inclination?

2) Once you’ve decided on the new landing page, create new campaigns directing traffic towards it.  The main benefit of creating all new campaigns for the new landing page is that you are able to launch them with zero history, a fresh start in a sense.

3) Now you want to think about which is the most effective way to launch the campaigns.  Should you simply pause the originals and set the new ones live?  Or how about running both simultaneously and pausing the old one after a week?  I’d say the most efficient answer lies within both the former and the latter.  Launch the new campaigns and let the two run simultaneously for 2-3 days, before gradually bidding down on the old campaign’s keywords.

The reasoning behind not letting the two run side by side for too long is that you will have competing keywords that could potentially drive up CPCs.  Additionally, you don’t want to cut off the old campaigns cold turkey because you could create a dip in traffic for a couple of hours during the day, losing out on valuable conversions.  With that being said, if the original campaigns are still converting at a reasonable target, you should keep them running.

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