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3 Sources for Content Idea Generation

Published: April 21, 2015

Author: Robert Cordray

Content is still king in the modern world of online marketing. If you do not have original content coming into your website and social media sites on a consistent basis, you will have a great deal of trouble keeping up with your competition. However, you do not have to generate all these ideas yourself. There are three main places on the Internet where content ideas are generated on your behalf: Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn.


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On the Quora platform, people are encouraged to ask questions about a particular topic that are then answered by experts in that arena. The website is highly organized, so it is easy to go straight to content that is relevant to your audience. You will also find a great deal of information on the website as well. Many experts make it their business to stay in touch with their audience through this website, so you can always be sure that the information that you find there is verified and relevant. Keep in mind that aside from consuming answers to questions, it’s a good idea to provide answers of your own.
Quora also has a ranking system that will let you know the queries that are the most popular. If many people are asking the same question, then you know that topic will make a great article. As a matter of fact, if you sign up for the website, you can receive updates to your email for the most popular questions for a sort of predictive analytics on what will be a popular topic in the future.


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LinkedIn has expanded its relevance immensely over the past few years by adding many features that encourage group activity. Members of LinkedIn can now write articles based on industry or join groups that are created for specific industries. As this happens, a flow of new, highly relevant content is a natural offshoot.
As people write articles on LinkedIn, you can assess the popularity of the topic by the number of comments below it. You can also check the groups in LinkedIn that are dedicated to your industry for questions that many people have. If you have a marketing budget, you may be able to hire some of the best article writers and group forum members to write content for your website directly. In this way, you know that you have someone on board who can generate popular content. However, if you do not have a budget, you can still siphon off some of the most popular ideas for yourself without paying for any outside help.
The groups on LinkedIn are also a great way to find answers to questions that you may have about a topic from big data implementation issues to questions as simple as how to set up a marketing dashboard. Even if you are not an expert in a certain area of your industry, you can very easily find someone who is on this website. You will not be able to correspond with them directly one-on-one, but the workaround is that you can engage with them in groups without paying any extra fees to the website.


As the self-named “front page of the Internet,” Reddit has had one of most active and organized topical websites on the web for quite some time now. If you are looking for content that speaks to the dark side of the Internet, you can find it here. Many search engine optimization experts and social media marketing contenders will come here for the best new tips that are up to date.
Reddit is a great aggregator of information for people who are in industries that are technically based. Many of the most prolific writers on Reddit are independent programmers and social media experts who do not mind giving away information on the website for free.
The voting system on Reddit is also one of the most efficient voting systems on the Internet. Because the system has a methodology that includes both up and down votes, you will be able to tell not only what content is popular, but also what content will turn your audience away from you. Reddit is also a system that can lead you to many other resources, as the basis for each post is a link to another website.
It is always good to keep your ear to the ground for the newest resources for online content. However, these three websites have definitely stood the test of time when it comes to retaining a user base that is based around keeping content up-to-date and relevant. There are no better places for free and engaging content that comes preselected with its own popularity meter.
Content generation does not have to be a seat-of-the-pants, fly-by-night industry for you. Turn content generation into a science by learning Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

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