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3 Elements of Successful Facebook Ads

Published: July 15, 2013

Author: Dan Slagen

Whether you look at desktop or mobile, ad revenues are growing at Facebook. Projections for 2013 have Facebook generating roughly $6B overall with $2B coming specifically from mobile. For performance marketers looking to drive revenue from Facebook, it all comes down to ads/offers, and there are three core areas of focus that need always be present. Those three areas include:
1. Aesthetics: Sparking the initial interest
2. Language: Impacting the consideration stage
3. Relevancy: Decision factor of engagement

Aesthetics (interest)

photo page post newsfeedAs user scroll through their News Feed on Facebook, they are inundated with “things” to look at, including updates from friends, Offers, opportunities to chat, share stories…etc. So what is going to spark interest and make someone stop to look at your ad? The answer is a beautiful image that’s appealing and stands out in a good way!

Language (consideration)

demand creation ad
Now that a user has seen your ad, what will make them stick around and consider the offer? The answer is great content. A compelling headline, an exclusive offer specific to Facebook, a daily sale, an expiring offer, etc. Driving urgency and immediate action is the end goal here, because you only have a split-second before the user is distracted again by all the other opportunities going on around Facebook.

Relevancy (decision)

Now that someone has seen your beautiful ad and read your compelling content, it’s decision time! What will make a user take the next step to engage/click/purchase via your ad? The relevancy of the ad is the answer. Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people, and not just a broad audience.

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Why, yes. I do want to travel from Richmond.

Keep in mind there are over 1 billion people on Facebook, and that means that there are over a googol ways to target users. Ad campaigns need to be in-depth and hyper-targeted to make sure that the users who see the ads are primed and interested.
It’s as easy as that!  As always, make sure you track your ads and measure them based on ROI. While performance marketers should be watching metrics like CPM, CPC, CTR, etc., what truly matters is how an ad contributes to driving revenue and lifetime value.

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