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3 Creative Ideas for Custom Audiences

Published: February 12, 2013

Author: Dan Wilkerson

These suggestions won’t creep out anyone…they’re just good sense.

There’s been a lot said about FBX lately, so it’s good to see Custom Audiences, its ugly cousin, get a little love on the FBPPC blog. Although not as powerful and fleet-footed as its pixel-hucking cousin, Custom Audiences has enough utility and flexibility to make me a fan. Now that you’ve had time to digest my 4 Borderline-Creepy Ideas for Custom Audiences, I’m going to share three of my good Custom Audiences ideas with you.

1. Target Prospects Who Never Open Your Emails

If you’re doing any kind of list segmenting with your email marketing efforts, you probably have a list of stubborn, no-fun jerks who never want to take a peek at the bag of awesome you’re shuttling into their inboxes every month. Create a Custom Audience with that list and target them with a special offer or discount coupon and see if they’re really all bad apples.

2. Bring Those Deserters Back On Board

Target ads against users who have abandoned their cart after logging in and selecting an item – if you’ve got a small enough product line, or there’s enough interest, target those users specifically for that product. Although technically possible with FBX already, this method allows you to use more creative ads – think Premium or Page Post units, which can net you a much higher click-through rate and have the added bonus of generating a story on the network from engaged users. You also get placement flexibility, assuming they’ve connected with your page.

3. Set your sights on those high rollers

Create a Custom Audience of customers who frequently purchase from a particular product category or a group that typically spends a lot more when they visit from your site, and start serving them discounts, special gifts, or just invitations to come back and poke around. This can be especially intriguing when coupled with a new product or exclusive sneak peek!
What cool implementations have you come up with for Custom Audiences? Tell me about your success in the comments.
– Dan Wilkerson

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