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3 Chrome Extensions You Should Be Using

Published: March 16, 2015

Author: Garrett Bugbee

Marketing can be a complicated business, but these extension help bridge the gap between your browser and your work. Let’s get started:

1.   Google Tag Assistant

An essential tool for both SEO and SEM, Google Tag Assistant allows you to quickly scan a webpage for various Google tags. It allows you to locate and troubleshoot Google Analytics tags, AdWords conversion and remarketing tracking pixels, and Google Tag Manager. Find and troubleshoot all tags in an instant and stop wasting your time diving into page source codes.

2.   Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a very useful way to save and restore a large number of open Chrome tabs, but it has another, more obscure use. The extension allows you to import and export all URLs in single or multiple Chrome windows. Using that feature, you can input 100s of keyword or ad destination URLs. Although it will likely grind your computer to a halt for a minute or two as it attempts to open them, Session Buddy will resolve all of the URLs you import, and allows you to copy or export them. If you have ever tried to check a bulk list of URLs for 404 errors, you know how limited most tools on the web are. Either they have very small limits or they are incredibly slow. It takes a little patience, but I have successfully sloughed through 1000s of URLs with this extension.

3.   User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher lets you switch between different user-agent strings within Chrome. You can instantly see what your landing page or website looks like on an iPad, an Android phone, or even Internet Explorer 6. It’s a simple and quick way to see how your site looks on multiple devices without ever leaving your web browser.

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