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2018 SEO, Part 3: Technical SEO

Published: January 23, 2018

Author: Colin Guidi

Technical SEO is one of the main pillars that drives organic success. In thinking of your website as a house, the technical aspects would be the foundation that the house is built upon. If you want to grow your house and put on an addition (we’ll call that website content expansion), that physical addition will only remain in place – and benefit your house – if the foundation is strong.
In other words, when you want to create more content for your website and look to grow its content footprint and overall authority, it’s the technical aspects that will allow for this website expansion to take hold and deliver SEO authority and ranking propensity throughout your website.

Technical SEO: What do we mean?

As search engine optimization professionals, when we talk about technical SEO, we’re talking about anything that might hinder the spider bots’ ability to efficiently crawl and understand a client’s website.
Hindering the crawlability (yes, that’s a real word in this industry) of spider bots means that you’re stifling search engines’ ability to understand your website. Being able to understand a website is pivotal to the indexation and subsequent organic rankings of your website URLs. Without indexation of your URLs, your site will have absolutely no way of receiving organic traffic.

Typical Technical Culprits

We see some issues on almost every site:

  • Broken links
  • Temporary redirects or client-side redirects
  • Critical content hosted in JavaScript
  • txt or Noindex directives keeping pages out of Google’s index

3Q’s Technical SEO Table

The SEO team here at 3Q Digital looks at technical aspects of a website on a multitude of levels. Below is a visual of a table we use as checkpoints for evaluating the technical health of a website. The findings from the table are incorporated into a large Word deliverable (typically around 12-17 pages) and delivered to clients with a verbal presentation.

In Conclusion

Technical aspects of a website should be given plenty of care, as they can be a huge factor in your website either succeeding or failing with SEO. Maybe your client has pages that once organically ranked very strongly, and after a site redesign or migration, they no longer do. Maybe your client has been publishing content with the thought of “if I publish it, they will come” – and their strategy just isn’t proving to be on point. There are a million reasons to run a Technical Site Analysis, and zero reasons not to. Don’t be that person who puts an addition on their house, only to have it fall apart.

Ready to learn more? Check out our Guide to SEO in 2018, or contact the 3Q SEO team to find out how we can enhance your search strategy.

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