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2018 Podcasts: The Best of Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, and Beyond

Published: July 2, 2018

Author: Kelly Whelan

Listening to podcasts has changed my life. Before I leave work, I download a podcast on Spotify and learn something new on my way home. Sometimes I get home before the podcast ends, and I’m tempted to keep driving to hear the rest. I’m in a better mood when I arrive, I’m able to bring new and interesting conversation topics to the table with friends, and I sound smarter at work. It’s a win-win-win situation.
But whether you want to start listening to podcasts, or you’re on the search for a new one, the podcast world can be overwhelming. There are almost too many good podcasts out there and it can be difficult to know what to focus on, so I surveyed a few of our thought leaders here at 3Q Digital to see what podcasts they find most valuable:

Brian Grabowski, Chief Client Officer

The most compelling podcast I have been listening to is “Invest Like the Best” by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Patrick is a highly effective interviewer and he allows his subjects to truly shine. The content is about so much more than becoming a better investor, but it really opens your eyes to different ways of approaching your life. His guests are typically very well read or bring a perspective that is uncommon in one’s day-to-day life. I have become aware of many talented people as a result of listening to this podcast.”

Scott Rayden, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer

“I’ve really started to listen to a number of different podcasts over the past 12-15 months. I’ve found it a great way to find education, motivation, and creative ideas that can be applied to everyday life and work. I tend to listen to more entrepreneurial and motivation type podcasts.
The Joe Rogan Experience: This is a fun one. While Joe is a great comedian, he is incredibly smart and has a unique ability to ask great questions and go deep into areas with experts where you can learn a ton. From people’s morning routines, to exercise, to science. It’s all super interesting content.
Jocko Podcast: This one is killer. Jacko was a navy seal and one of the most intense people I’ve ever listened to. His no-excuse approach to life and work is a reminder to just get after it and stop complaining.
The Kevin Rose Show: Kevin is an incredible entrepreneur and talks with a wide-ranging array of guests. My favorites are talks around business, entrepreneurship, and lessons learned.
Lewis Howes School of Greatness: Another great educational and motivational podcast. His guests are highly successful people in a variety of areas. From athletes, to business professionals, to teachers, authors, and more… I’ve learned a ton from his podcast and would recommend this to everyone.”

Svitlana Graves, Conversion Optimization Analyst

“I love listening to podcasts when I am cooking or doing chores around the house – it makes me feel very productive and my brain doesn’t get bored. My favorite marketing podcasts are “Automate and Convert”, “B2B Revealed”, and “Brainfluence”. I also like “TED Radio Hour” – the episodes are a compilation of insights from high-impact TED talks. I love being aware of breakthrough discoveries that come from decades of focused work. Another one of my favorites is “The Salesman” podcast. It revolves around B2B sales, but it also has lots of interesting marketing and overall personal effectiveness content.
Something else I started doing lately is this: I type a keyword or phrase I want to learn more about into the search field on Stitcher, e.g. go-to-market strategy, and see what episodes show up. I save the ones that look interesting and listen to them throughout the week. This way I can get a wide range of perspectives on this subject – from venture capitalist, to product marketer, to sales manager – and form my own opinion. As a bonus, I have discovered new podcasts I didn’t know about.”

Aaron Bart, VP of Creative Services

“I listen to NPR’s “TED Radio Hour”. It has a range of topics related to science and technology, with the content presented in a thought-provoking and compelling way. And it always relates to something unique in the human condition. I always learn something listening to it. I also listen to NPR’s “This American Life”. The storytelling is amazing on this podcast, and the people who are on the show are everyday regular people. As someone who works in creative, listening to “This American Life” is a way to inspire my own ability to story-tell.”

Joseph Kerschbaum, VP of Client Services & 3Q Digital Download Podcast Host

“I listen to a wide variety of podcasts. There is so much content out there! I’m a productivity nut, so I enjoy listening to “The Productivityist Podcast,” and, “The Productivity Show,” and “Beyond the To Do List.” These shows cover productivity theory, task management platform reviews, and interviews with industry experts. For general business and team management, a couple of my favorites include, “Lead to Win,” and, “HBR IdeaCast.”
And of course, I have to list the 3Q Digital Download – our very own podcast! We have industry experts stop by and give us cutting-edge strategies about all-things related to digital marketing.”

I hope this list provides a helpful place to start. If you agree with any of these choices, or have additional podcasts to add, let us know in the comments. We’d love to discover new ones!

The 3Q Digital Download interviews today’s top digital marketing innovators to empower listeners to stay ahead of the trends and grow their brand. Tune in for actionable takeaways for implementing today’s top marketing tips and insights. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and or at www.www.3qdept.com/category/podcasts.

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