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2012 SEO Cleanup and Strategy

Published: December 21, 2011

Author: 3Q/DEPT

It’s nearly time to ring in the New Year. Soon, the ball will drop and 2012 will be upon us in all its glory. Couples will kiss at midnight and the past year’s trials and triumphs will be cleared to make way for new ones. This is as true for your SEO as it is for your New Year’s resolutions. Didn’t make it to the first page of Google? Don’t worry about that anymore.
Focus on the things you can do now to improve your future. Is your email newsletter a flop? Invest in some email marketing software or nix it entirely for something that can get you can get a real return. Cut the weak players – or at least send them to the B squad. Get involved in the conversation. If you’re not actively participating in social media and setting yourself up as a leader in your field, you’re being forgotten. Likewise, make sure what you have to say is high quality, adds value, and is up to date; otherwise, search engines and consumers alike will ignore you in favor of someone else who’s doing what needs to be done. If you can do all of these things or get a game plan for completing them early in the year, you’ll be well on your way to dominating search results in the New Year. Get your funky glasses and confetti ready, because we’re going to ring in 2012 the right way.

The Weakest Link

Did your email newsletter fail to produce enough conversions to cover the expense of keeping it running? Figure out what went wrong. Was your wording too spammy? Did you not produce a unified design that you used among your advertising campaigns, newsletters and website? Fix it!
Simplify the process by using tools that let you focus on your message instead of maintaining lists or keeping campaigns sorted. Is your website confusing and ugly? Find someone to produce a simple, attractive website that gives visitors fewer options and spells out what they can do more clearly. Don’t have a blog? Start one! The Panda update gave long-form content like blogs a more prominent place in search algorithms, so use that to your advantage. Take the weak areas of your SEO and marketing campaigns and reforge them into hardened steel blades with which to do battle with your competitors.

Get Social

Facebook, Twitter and your own blog are the trifecta of social media today. There are other social platforms, but until you’ve conquered the other three, it’s best to stay away from them. Claim a Facebook profile for your business and fill out every single form you can. Link the profile to your website, your blog, and your Twitter account. Your Facebook page will add another potential search result that links to you and it will help Facebook users find you easily. Start up a Twitter account and start engaging with other companies in your industry as well as people who mention you. Let people know you have something to say and you care about what they say. Get in on the conversation and don’t let people forget that you’re there.

Feed the Panda, but Keep it Fresh

When you start your blog, make sure you’ve got plenty of back entries on your site. Try to publish content weekly and make sure you have a few months’ worth of posts before you go live. Giving search engines more content to index and visitors more posts to read through will help you see a more pronounced difference in your rankings and will keep your blog from looking too sparse. Constantly check and respond to comments on your blog, too. Once again, keep the conversation going.
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