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20 Quick Facebook Ads QA Steps

Published: October 22, 2013

Author: Andrew Foxwell

When I worked at 3Q Digital, I used to ask my team tons of questions if an account’s performance took a sudden dip. When it got to the point where we started joking about how many questions I had, I figured it was time to start a list. So here you go…you’ll be surprised what turns up if you go through these one by one!

1. Have you cleared your cache and reinstalled Power Editor?
2. Are you sure the links are going to the right location and do they include the proper UTM parameters?
3. Are you running CPC? Have you tried oCPM? Have you tested between the two?
4. Does their mobile landing page stink?
5. Is the Facebook pixel properly sticking?
6. Are the targeting audiences too small?
7. Does the client have an active Facebook page?
8. Are the audiences targeting too narrowly within an age range?
9. Is the conversion pixel still active?
10. What do frequencies look like? Are they above 3?
11. Have you split between mobile / desktop?
12. Have you tried a new Custom Audience and created a new lookalike of those customers that you’ve acquired since you started running ads?
13. Does their desktop landing page stink?
14. Have you gone through the signup flow and seen if the parameters stick properly?
15. Have you looked into GA and considered assisted conversions?
16.Have you looked into GA and considered conversion paths where it starts with Facebook and ends with something like direct/none?
17. Are there negative comments on the ads that are causing them not to show as much?
18. Have ads from the account been disapproved before and, if so, how often? This may hurt your account.
19. Have you tried targeting just a partner category instead of layering it with a bunch of other stuff?
20. Are you still reading this?

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