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12 Ad Copy Tips to Try for the Holidays

Published: December 2, 2013

Author: Amber Speer

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Looking for an ad-copy edge this holiday season? I’ve had some success with the following tips and tricks. Try them out and see how they work for your campaigns!

1. Use the month or actual expiration date of an offer in the description to create a sense of urgency. Each month, we switch our ads to call out a special offer you can get only for that month. Over time, this has proven to increase CTR; these have often been our top-performing ads month over month.

2. Put the price (if competitive) in the first part of the title. One of my accounts has a very competitive pricing structure, so we use the price in the beginning of the title of the ad. Note that this could work against you if you’re not the cheapest or close to the cheapest. It’s important to verify how your price point ranks before calling it out.

3. If your site is the “Official Site,” use that in the ad text! I’m sure you’ve seen this before in Google, but if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. It could be virtually anything: product, service, etc. If there is a competitor or sister company and your site isn’t the official site, don’t try this one.

4. Add price and percentage saved (Save 83%!). I mentioned price earlier but you can also put the percentage of savings in the title and/or description. This could be a dollar amount of savings or percentage; test to see which works better.

5.     Remember that as a rule, using numbers in ads helps improve CTR and CVR. Examples:

a. Arizona users graduate in 30 weeks!

b. Save 50% (or $50) Today

c. 1,000s of Wedding Gifts

6.     Use the term “bonus offer” instead of free (if you have a bonus offer).

7.     Use ‘As Seen On’ if applicable.

8.     Use the city or town name in the title if your business is local.

9. Use seasons – Fall/Summer/Winter Sale! – to promote sales/special deals.

10. Use “certified” or “licensed” when applicable.

11. If your business is local, use an identifier. Example: We drive the big red truck

12. Use trademark logos (®, ™) if applicable; this will make your ad stand out a little and can make your brand look official.

Have any more ideas that have worked for you? Please share in the comments!

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